th 007/AW21

August 9, 20211 Minutes

The first delivery of the th 007 collection, which I personally have been looking forward to, has arrived.

First of all, please read the press release posted yesterday. To be honest, if you read it and touch the product, everything is OK. A sense of beauty and a story packed in minimal clothes … Isn’t it exciting just to imagine?

1 210124 0376 NIGHTHAWKS
2 210124 0605 NIGHTHAWKS
8 210124 0775 NIGHTHAWKS
13 210124 0535 NIGHTHAWKS
14 210124 0534 NIGHTHAWKS
15 210124 0542 NIGHTHAWKS
26 210124 0361 NIGHTHAWKS
27 210124 0355 NIGHTHAWKS

First of all, this season’s LOOK is outstandingly cool. Minimal, modern and cool. In addition, it even gives the impression of being stoic and austere.

Still, the product has nuanced details and material usage. You can feel the “beauty” unique to th. I want you to wear it once. After all it conveys the best.

In the first delivery, we started with the wide pants that NIGHTHAWKS is familiar with, and I definitely want you to buy this season. A sleeveless coat has arrived. There are also outerwear and easy pants made from a new material, cotton jersey, and an oversized shirt patched with the artwork of photographer Ronald Stoops.

Anyway, it is a th product that has only a round and round shape. Please have a look at the store or online store.