August 9, 20211 Minutes

FITFOR was exhibited in the same space when I went to see a new collection of existing brands around this spring. The sales person urged me to try it on, and the last thing I tried on was with a light feeling, “just a little”. I don’t remember it from that point on, it’s a lie that I can’t help but I was struck by the good atmosphere and silhouette as well as the comfort.

The preconceptions about the softness and earthy odor that these brands had are broken, and I feel a modest atmosphere. When I heard the details, I was convinced that the pattern designer was a person who was done by a certain collection brand.


There are many silhouettes and colors, and the price is well-balanced, so we can recommend it to many people regardless of genre. And as a strength, after all this state-of-the-art technology “viral off processing” and tough fabric knitted with VORTEX yarn. Equipped with the technology necessary for the coming era, not the present era. The perspective around here is also good.


Packaging is also good. It can be used to put small things. As you like.

If you combine these simple tops with elegant pants and delicate and harsh PBS, it will be popular this summer (no track record).

Anyway, it’s a product that I can highly recommend.